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Brand New Homes for Sale in Brampton CA

A Decade of Experience

Searching for Brand New Homes for Sale in Brampton CA? Are you looking for a real estate agent that is trustworthy? Then Bob Sengar is your man!

He has been working as a real estate agent for over 12 years. Over this course of time, Bob has been able to establish a network of clients. This has enabled him to be aware of the shifting markets of real estate.

In addition to this, his expertise has allowed him to provide coaching to other realtors as well. Bob has several awards and accolades under his belt. This makes him the preferred choice for people in Brampton area.

Fortitude Attitude

Apart from his achievements in his professional life, one of the reasons why Bob Sengar has recurring clients is because of his values and integrity. Bob Sengar’s honesty and patience are the qualities people hold dear the most. You can read customer reviews and testimonials left on our website.

In addition to dealing with residential and brand new homes, we also deal with commercial properties for clients. You can check out our website for information regarding this. When you buy a property from us, we also provide real estate assessment. This includes informing clients about re-sale value of the property you purchase.

He knows the Tips and Tricks!

Moving out is a time-consuming process. From packing your household goods to getting ready for the move requires a lot of effort. Therefore, when it comes to selling your house before you move can add to the stress. This is where Bob Sengar comes in. For clients who are looking to sell their property, you have the assurance of selling your property at top dollar. Bob knows the tips and tricks to increase the value of your property before it is put on sale. Therefore it is a win-win situation for all!

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