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About Bobby

Real estate broker - Trainer - Motivational Speaker

Contact Numbers

Call Us: 416-356-4891

Office: 416-740-4000

Toll Free: 1-866-734-6886




12 Years


  • Top 5% Sales Rep. in Canada (GSC Homelife 2015)
  • President's Club Award (Home life 2015,2016)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (Homelife 2015)
  • Supreme Club Award (Homelife 2017)

Why Choose me?

With deep gratitude in mind, I strive for upgrading and sharpening my skills on the daily basis.

I believe, Vitality is the most valuable commodity in any line of work and to keep myself energized, I eagerly invest time in Yoga, Meditation, Reading, and Gym.

Listening carefully and getting to know you first is the top priority because that helps me understand your needs, dreams, and goals.

Why Choose Me?

I believe that by the implementation of strategic measures for property planning and development, we can offer you with the resale value of your property purchased from us. We have a real estate market that is always shifting and changing according to new Market trends. If you are in need of a realtor with deep understanding and groundbreaking sales transactions equipped with consultation and the latest trends in Real estate, We are the place for you.

I welcome all my clients to see my services and testimonials online before hiring or consulting me so that have an understanding of our real estate services and what we have to offer in business investment and planning. My aim is to make your investment one of the best property endeavors of your lifetime. I am a full-time business realtor and property agent, have command over English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi languages. I have received Top Sales Representative award for contributions in property sales, a Lifetime Achievement Award and President's Club award in 2016

Client's Review

Homes for Sale in Mississauga

If you are planning on moving out to a different city or state, you are required to sell your home to a prospective buyer. Of course, finding a potential buyer and selling your house to it could be a time-consuming process, therefore; it becomes imperative to seek the assistance of a real estate agent to ensure a smooth sale of your house.

If you are on a hunt for Homes for Sale in Mississauga, you can reach out to Bobby, and he will attend to your concerns wistfully. He has been operating as an independent real estate agent for a particularly long time now, and he has established an extensive network with the clients that he has previously worked with. He is familiar with houses available in Mississauga’s and Brampton’s real estate markets, and he performs his level best to help his clients find the best homes on a reasonable and affordable price.

A real estate market is flooded with homes, and it could be hard to decipher that which house is on sale, and how to differentiate from a property that is not available on sale. Bobby Sengar has built his empire on providing excellent real estate services to his clients, and he aims to establish a long-term relationship with them along with providing them with superior customer service and straightforward real-estate experience. He can assist you in finding homes that are available for sale, and he can make it happen for you in a number of days.

If you are looking for Homes for Sale in Brampton, you can reach out to Bobby Sengar, and he will take care of your real estate concerns within no time. You can have the best and optimal real estate services at one click by filling your information in the given forms on the website.